next exciting instalment . . .

Should have mentioned – am humanist. No religion, no thank you. Not Christmas, it’s the winter equinox. Jesus was an interesting bloke, but his mum was a virgin? gimme a break. Rose from the dead? again, what??

In my head, religion is what men invented to explain phenomena they couldn’t explain any other way (oh, and also to keep women in their place). Now we know better, we have evidence to prove it. Don’t get me started – maybe another blog on this subject.

Today – what did I do? went into Solihull with husband (can’t drive at the moment, wonky wrist), failed to return stuff to New Look store because I paid with Paypal, but did manage to do everything else. Then came home and phoned H&M about returning the New Look stuff. How confused (aka stupid) can one get? But it’s all sorted out now.

Baked potato for tea with dairy free margarine (am cow’s milk intolerant), salt and pepper. Yum.  Goat yoghurt with jam for pudding. Yum yum.

Just finished Jodi Picoult’s “House Rules” – excellent, even if denouement on last two pages is stretching things a bit. Now started another Penny Vincenzi saga. Not sure how I’m feeling about this one, but I’m warming to it I think.

Nearly time for The Archers – bye for now.

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