The beginning . . .

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Thought I’d start a blog, not sure why really, but here goes.
Some stuff about me: let’s start with quirks.
  1. Read obsessively. Two books a week usually, but not always.
  2. Knit like a crazy woman when I can, by hand and on one of my two machines.
  3. Have to have a plan A and at least a plan B. For everything.
  4. Days of the week have colours (Monday – red, Tuesday – blue, Wednesday – orange, Thursday – purple, Friday – black, Saturday – green, Sunday – yellow).
  5. Months of the year have colours/moods too, but less easily defined in words.
  6. Love numbers and play with them – I made a Fibonacci spreadsheet just for fun.
  7. Lists (like this one). Many are spreadsheets – addresses, birthdays, Christmas card/presents, some are “things to do”.
  8. I score highly on the autism spectrum on-line tests – 38 on the 
    Simon Baron-Cohen one.
Blimey, I sound really odd. So here’s some normal stuff:
Two grown up daughters, very happy second marriage. Five step-grandchildren – a joy. Long-term health problems and difficulty with some aspects of daily life. I have fluent French, conversational Italian and basic holiday Spanish. Build/fix computers for family and friends.
That’s about it for now.

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