19th November 2010.

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We’re on our third watch through of the Sopranos. Series two, three episodes last night. If you’re not a Sopranos fan, skip the next paragraph.

Poisonous witches Livia and Janice/Parvati deserve each other, they really do. Spoilt, clever, manipulative, mouthy Meadow (if she were my daughter, things would be very different) contrasts with sweet (so far) but dim, AJ. Tony is clearly not the boss at his house, with his blood family, but is definitely capo di famiglia. Strange but true.

This morning Waitrose delivered the shopping, hubby and I put it away while Bertie the cat (have I mentioned her?) pottered about outside getting cold wet paws, pretending to be brave.

Not much else to report really. Wrote some more Christmas cards. Vic is currently cooking our dinner (a korma curry). He does all the cooking, I do all the baking. This afternoon I made chocolate brownies (dairy free of course) because we have two grandchildren coming to stay this weekend. Yay!

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