23rd November 2010

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Went to see Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 today. Loved it. Very scary, very close to the book, very well done. It makes me want to read all the books again, but I already have a pile of books five deep! Never mind, I can read whatever I like in whatever order I like, can’t I.
On Sunday night I went to bed at 9 pm, read for about 15 minutes, and then slept until Vic woke me up – at ten to two in the afternoon. It started to get dark about an hour after I got up. Blimey. Must remember to tell the doctor how much I’m sleeping – not that there’s a fat lot they can do about it, but I think the DWP (Department for Work and Pensions) ask my GP how I am when they review my Incapacity Benefit.
Older daughter is going to be 30 next year and is organising a joint party with her uncle, who shares her birthday. He’s going to be 60! oh my goodness, when did we get old? Should be fun though, particularly as he’s from a big family, numbering 62 at the last count, including his siblings, their partners, their children and grandchildren and his mum, who’s 90, sprightly, and sharp as a tack. Then there’s my family, and Vic’s sons too. They’ve booked the venue, sent out the invitations and all is going to plan. Excellent.
Can’t believe the weather forecast includes snow already! But there you go. At least I don’t have to get up and dig the car out for work. Can’t actually drive at the moment, wonky wrist, so Vic is having to ferry me everywhere. Well, I say everwhere, he drove to the cinema this morning and has said he’ll take me for my hairdo on Thursday,and I’ll catch the bus home. Then on Friday I’m seeing the GP who can actually administer the steroid injections, should he think I need one. But it has been four weeks I’ve been having problems. Can’t knit, drive, pick up a kettle, blah blah blah. Pathetic. Have been icing it, resting it, wearing that very attractive (!) tubigrip to support it, and taking various painkillers, ranging from Paracetamol (useless) through Cocodamol (useless) to Tramadol (useless). So am rather fed up with it now, and am halfway up the back of a cable sleeveless pullover for Vic I would really like to be getting on with.
Tomorrow am planning to make a “raspberry layer bake” – it’s a posh Bakewell tart – for Christmas. Shortcrust pastry defrosting (why would I make pastry from scratch when I can just get it – dairy-free – from the shop?) and all ingredients ready.
While sorting out said ingredients I discovered that the bread flour was full of ergot. Eughhhhhh! Luckily I keep the different sorts of flour in sealed tupperware-type containers, so it hadn’t infected all the dry goods (which did actually happen to me once) in the cupboard. No home made bread rolls tomorrow then. It only went out of date in August, so that’s quite fast I would have thought for ergot to sort of magically appear. Must keep my eye on that in future.
And on that happy note, I’ll end for today.

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