25th November 2010

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Had my hair cut today by the wonderful James at Toni & Guy. He does such a good job. He listens to what you want, checks that your hair will actually do it, then does it. Can’t ask for more than that really. Vic had taken me into Solihull, I went to the library to drop off the books I’ve finished, to the Post Office to return the New Look stuff I didn’t want, got some birthday cards, hand cream, had the hairdo, then final, and finally, presents from John Lewis. Excellent. But I felt very odd in John Lewis. Sort of giddy and disconnected, faint even. Strange.
Vic picked me up, took me home, where I ate lunch, and slept this afternoon. GP tomorrow, ostensibly for wrist/arm problems. If there’s time will mention faintness / giddiness, otherwise am back at GP on Tuesday for the antidepressants and will mention it then.
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Expecting snow tonight. An inch or so – not much I guess depending on where you live, but it’s a pain nevertheless. Cold, wet, dangerous, but pretty if you’re able to stay inside and watch the cat prancing about in it.
Not much else going on really. Daughter home, making a snack before she goes out to bodybalance or something. Hubby listening to Bob Dylan. All is well.


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