26th November 2010

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No snow yet. Very cold though, barely made it above 0° C all day.
Felt like five kinds of sh*t this morning, but a bit better after four hours’ sleep. Went to the GP, who injected cortisone into my bad wrist and advised me that the funny turn yesterday is a “vasovagal attack”, and nothing to worry about. When I looked that up on the internet, it seems to mean “fainting”. Honestly. Why didn’t he say “fainting” then? I have giddy turns all the damn time, but this was the worst ever.
I think the term “miserable old baggage” just about covers it, really, for me. Today anyhow. Poor Vic, I’m just so needy when I’m like this.
Went back to bed after the GP appointment at 11 am and just woke up at 2.45 pm. Ate two satsumas, a banana, and a goat yoghurt with jam (yum) and am waiting for Vic to wake up. He’s asleep on the sofa with the phone unplugged, the cat is asleep on her little radiator bed too. Domestic bliss.
Younger daughter had a meltdown this morning. I woke to the dulcet sounds of her shouting at nobody in the bathroom, then she bounced out of the front door, came back and went off like a bottle of pop. Threw things around, screamed, cried a bit, went out to work. I didn’t say anything. There wasn’t anything I could say really which would have helped. But have texted her since and she’s still a bit grumpy but not “losing the plot” as she put it. Will see how she is tonight.
Her life is stressful – she and her partner have moved back home, taking it week and week about at ours or his parents’, while they look for a house to buy. They have found one but it’s taking a little while. She’s also started a new job – a secondment with the same people but much more challenging – in a good way mostly – and her new boss is brilliant.
My wrist is still quite sore. I’m typing this with a frozen wheat bag on it to try and help. It was numb this morning after the jab but clearly needs to settle down a bit. Hmm. Suppose I’d better stop typing now really.

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