30th November 2010

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More snow, and more expected. Still only a bit, really, compared, say, to the north of the UK. Very cold.
Vic took me to the GP today – although I was ready to drive myself – because of the weather. More antidepressants – I’ll be on them for the rest of my life, they’ve said – increased dose since July (40 mg a day now), so I have to see the doctor every month for her to check how I’m doing.
Big bag of prescriptions – various, includes Fexofenadine for my eyes, Seretide for my asthma, Gaviscon Advance for the acid reflux – all part of the maintenance and upkeep programme. I must be costing the NHS a fortune – all my prescriptions are free of charge, because I’m on thyroxine for the underactive thyroid. I also have to take Omeprazole for the acid reflux. But thank goodness for the NHS – imagine if I lived in America, for instance. All my medication and all my treatment is free of charge (eg cortisone injection on Friday). It’s just there, free, available, and wonderful.
Still haven’t dared start knitting yet. The wrist is much better, only the occasional stab of pain, so I’m giving it a few more days to settle. My back’s ok now though, thanks to Tramadol and a really good night’s sleep.
The cat is just delightful in the snow. She’s not keen on the rain, but snow she thinks is great fun, and larks about in it. Vic told me a couple of days ago that she was busy playing with/killing a small defenceless something-or-other, got distracted for a moment and ran over to the fence, and while she was there a magpie swooped down and stole the small defenceless something-or-other. Bertie couldn’t believe it. It must have been like a slapstick sketch. She ran back to where she’d left it, looked around on the lawn, looked around up above her, and if she could, I bet she’d have scratched her head. I wish I’d seen it. You gotta love her. You also gotta feel very sorry for the small defenceless thing. But that’s what cats do. At least she doesn’t bring them inside. Or eat them.
Vic is just doing the shepherd’s pie for dinner – yum. Tomorrow I’m going to make some bread rolls in the breadmaker and some trifle base (I just make a basic sponge mix) in the microwave. If it’s going at the bottom of a trifle, it doesn’t need to be browned, and it’s so quick in the microwave. Then both are going in the freezer. Thank heavens for modern technology.
We’ve never seen “The West Wing” and have heard so much good stuff about it, we’re renting the first series from Love Film. Disc 1 arrived today – exciting. We’re also just about to start Series 3 of The Sopranos. Spoiled for choice, really. And there’s some good stuff on the tv too – we’re enjoying Any Human Heart, we love Jimmy McGovern’s Accused, and we like the slightly odd presentation of Ancient Worlds too.
Wrapped nearly all the presents on Monday, and posted almost all the cards today. Just the neighbours’ cards to do, and the people I write a letter to. I hate photocopied “round robins” full of people’s children’s achievements – I do an individual letter to each person I don’t see, and there’s news in there, yes, but just a sentence on each daughter.
I have a French penfriend – hello to Réjane – and it’s my turn to write to her. We exchange letters about once a month or three weeks. I write to her in French, and the same letter in English. She replies with my letter in her language corrected, and her letter to me in English and French. That way we both get to improve our grasp of the other’s language. I went to stay with her and her husband Yves almost four years ago – they are just a lovely, lovely couple. It was wonderful.
Off to Brighton on Saturday – assuming we’re not snowed in, of course! It’s the youngest grandchild’s 2nd birthday on Monday, so his dad is having a party for him. Lovely. Brighton is fabulous. Love it, love the atmosphere, the shopping, the eating, it’s just fabulous. We also get to see two of the other grandchildren as well, which is always excellent fun. Can’t wait.
Well, that’s about it for now.

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