4th December 2010

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Well, we didn’t make it to Brighton. The weather meant it was just too risky to travel. What a damn shame though. We’ll see most of the family over Christmas, but just not this particular little one. Maybe we’ll get to see him in the New Year one way or another.
The temperature has actually risen to above freezing today, it’s 4°C. I didn’t think I’d ever think “it’s warmed up” at just above zero, but there you go. Every day’s a school day.
This morning I cleaned our en-suite. Sounds easy, put like that, but what with the M.E. and the wonky back/feet/knees, it’s a bit of a job. The shower is a corner one with curved, overlapping glass doors, which looked lovely in the showroom and does make the en-suite look bigger, but it’s an absolute b*st*rd to clean. When I was younger (and foolish?) I cleaned the bathroom every single week, and whoever had a bath had to wipe it down afterwards. Now the en-suite gets a cursory wipe and some bleach thrown down the loo once a week, and when I just can’t stand it any more it gets a really good clean. Like this morning. I always end up drenched, both in sweat and shower water, because I’m clumsy and manage to spray myself as well as the actual shower basin. Ah well. It’s clean now. p { margin-bottom: 0.21cm; }
Then of course I need a shower – fortunately I am able to use the one in the main bathroom . . .

Have been doing some baking. Made the posh Bakewell tart – now in the freezer, the trifle base, and the bread rolls, mostly eaten now. Delish. Tomorrow pm am planning to make the first batch of mince pies (shop bought dairy free Jusrol frozen pastry, shop bought mincemeat!) which always go down well at this time of year. Can’t wait, to be honest. Am a bit of a pig when it comes to sweet things. No self-control, really.
Horrid, horrid weather. Cold and drizzly. But the snow’s disappearing. Spoke to my French penfriend’s husband today, and they have no snow! At all! Although there’s plenty elsewhere in France.
Wrote to said French penfriend – takes a while because of the nature of it, and I like to check it over. There are always some corrections, though. But I think I’m improving. It’s nice to phone them from time to time just to make sure I can still speak the language, rather than just read and write it.
Noticed that there were 15 views of the blog last night! A record! Amazing. But why??
Well, I’d better go now. Need to put a bit of slap on as we’re out for a curry tonight at a local Indian restaurant.

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