7th December 2010

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Tom & Vic
Had a lovely meal at the Indian restaurant, really nice.
The weather is extremely cold – I can’t remember the last time it reached as high as 0°C in the day, and this morning it was -10°C first thing. Cold or what.
I am sleeping a lot. I could, if there was a sleeping competition, sleep for England. Today I woke at 1 pm, yesterday I woke at 12 pm. And I go to bed each night at about 10 pm, read for about half an hour, sometimes less, and so that’s a lot of sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to post the parcels and pop in for a cuppa at my friend’s house, so I shall have to set the alarm, otherwise it just won’t happen.
Upgraded Ubuntu to 10.10 yesterday – and have managed to get the networking operational. Hooray! Have also ordered a new external hard drive specifically for the music server, and will set it to back up automatically, and incrementally, so that it’s less of a major task.
Am also investigating on-line back up, so that there’s an off-site copy, as well. Almost decided, not quite. Interesting and exciting though.
Well. That’s about it for now. Not too much going on – although I’m not awake for long enough for much to happen, really, I suppose.

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