15th December 2010

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My school friend Deb popped in today for a cuppa before she went to work this afternoon at a local school, where she teaches part time. It was lovely to see her, she has moved house and lives about an hour away. Not impossible, just a bit more difficult, particularly as she works too. While she was here, another school friend came round with my Jamie @ Home stuff – a terracotta casserole dish and three small dishes for when I’m baking and need my ingredients ready. Very nice.

Had a pedicure yesterday which was wonderful. My feet feel just great now. I don’t have nail polish on them, but just to have them made look pretty feels really nice.
Watched three episodes of The Sopranos series 3 last night – blimey it’s good. Each time we watch it through (about once a year I suppose) we find something different.
Am in the middle of a very irritating, petty, argument with an ebay seller. It’s so petty I can hardly bring myself to describe it, but I ordered 12 baubles, shatterproof (!), and two arrived broken. They weren’t really wrapped very well, just clear plastic box and then a polythene bag round that, then brown paper. No wonder they were broken. Because it’s so near Christmas I didn’t want to send them back for a new set or a refund, just asked for a partial refund. It took four days for her to reply at all, and she won’t do a partial refund, and is trying to insist I send the whole lot back. So I have given her neutral (not negative) feedback, and she’s gone off like a bottle of pop. She’s sending me angry emails, contradicting herself (stuff which is there in writing in the email “thread”) and now accusing me of making it all up. For goodness’ sake. How pathetic. The customer service from this person is appalling. Normally it’s the buyer who’s cross. I paid immediately (always do) and have 100% positive feedback. Anyway, anyway, anyway.
Vic is in the kitchen sorting out dinner (shepherd’s pie with cauliflower and cheese – hooray!)
Just had a lovely facebook “instant chat” with one of my nieces. Will see all my sister’s family the Tuesday after Xmas – can’t wait.

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