17th December 2010

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What a day. Off to Heartlands Hospital this morning to see the ENT chappie about my recurrent voice loss. Had to wait 50 minutes ! And it always involves the chappie putting a camera on a sort of bendy stalk up my nose and down into my throat. I don’t feel it in my throat at all, but it’s so painful at the top of my nose I need Vic to come in with me for support and I always end up in tears. Not nice. But, and here’s the good news, I’ve been discharged from that particular specialist! Hooray!
We always have a cup of tea afterwards in the cafe, and there’s a Boots the Chemist in the hospital, so we popped in and got some bits and bobs – saves having to go out again specially.
Weather is very cold and icy, thin layer of snow, more possible tomorrow.
Parcel arrived from Réjane in France – lovely – it’s so exciting to open a box of surprises from a different country on Christmas Day. It’s all very thoughtfully put together.
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Also had a Christmas card from an old boss who’s a Rev part-time – with a letter full of news. It was lovely.


Got home, put the washing on, went to bed for a sleep, woke at 3 pm because the shopping was being delivered this afternoon.
Shopping arrived quite late – apparently Waitrose are having to hire extra vans because not only do more people order on line when the weather’s bad, but also it’s a busy time of year. Anyway, that was fine.
Then I managed to break a mug on the kitchen floor after dinner, and Vic managed to bite on a fork tine and one of his crowns popped out. Damn and blast. However, we have the tooth, and there is apparently some special glue you can get from chemists which will temporarily fix the crown in place until he can get to a dentist to do it properly. But that will be Monday at the earliest. Hooray for the special glue!
And now I’m off to my electric blanket heated bed, to read the Ambler Warning by Robert Ludlum. Exciting.

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