30th December 2010

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Well. Where do I start?
Christmas Day was lovely. My sister brought Mum over on her way to Northampton, and my younger niece picked Mum up on her way back. Northampton is where the older niece lives. Vic cooked a wonderful roast turkey with all the trimmings, and the raspberry bakewell slice for pudding was also delicious. We all sat and dozed while Shrek 3 was on the TV after the Queen’s Speech (for mother really), and generally overindulged. I don’t drink alcohol at all, so for me it was lots of water and cups of tea to drink.
Sunday, Boxing Day, was also lovely. ED and chappie Paul came up from Southampton and had lunch and dinner with us. We played a game called Thoughts and Crosses – a bit like Scattergories apparently, and that was fun. Lunch and dinner was basically leftovers. The cake I’d made on Christmas Eve, with three layers, involving 1 lb sugar, 1 lb flour, 1 lb dairy-free margarine and seven eggs, with another 1 lb of icing sugar, was horrible. Dry and not very nice at all. Dumped it on Monday. Ah well. Can’t have it all ways.
Monday we didn’t do much at all. Washing, mostly.
Tuesday Vic and I, and YD and chappie Tom, went to my sister’s in Droitwich. Mum was there, both my nieces – yay! and all my brother in law’s family, who are delightful. A wonderful time was had by all. Libby had cooked various curries and all the accoutrements, and there was even some chocolate I could eat too. It was just wonderful. My nieces are just delightful. Approximately the same age as my two daughters, so when they were all little we spent a lot of time together, and we took them to Center Parcs on holiday with us many years ago. Which was great.
Wednesday two of Vic’s sons and their partners and four of the grandchildren came for the day – it was absolutely lovely. Vic made a huge chilli for all of us (four children, seven adults), we all squeezed round our dining table, and it was excellent. I’d made a trifle for pudding, also there was ice cream and/or mince pies. We played Wii dance after lunch – lots of laughing and very tiring. French bread, ham, cheese and dips for tea, same puddings. Excellent.
Result – I slept from 9.30 pm last night till 3.30 pm this afternoon and am still knackered. But it’s only once a year, and so much fun it’s definitely worth it.
Bertie the cat has found it all a bit much, and has taken to spending her time inside hiding, asleep, under our bed. Hopefully she will calm down – currently asleep on her little radiator bed.
I was hoping to go out for a walk today – the snow has almost completely gone now and the daytime temperature is usually above freezing – but it was dark when I woke. Tomorrow I must get up and dressed at a reasonable hour, and not only go for a walk but see if my car will start after 3 weeks in sub-zero temperatures, covered in a foot of snow. It should do, but I do need to check.
I had knitted hats and scarves or mittens for the grandchildren, and wrapped them up with a small toy for each of them. They all seemed really pleased with them – Lucy’s hat & scarf matched a cardigan I’d knitted her for her birthday in November.
I gave Vic two books he didn’t know he wanted (Hitch 22 and one about the ships in the Patrick O’Brien books), three CDs he did want, and a pair of slippers.
In fact, all the presents seemed to go down very well, which is always a good feeling for the giver.
Presents I received include the complete boxed set of Friends DVDs (yay!), a voucher for a local beauty salon (excellent!), various books from my wish list, a Lancôme lipstick I’d been wanting for ages, some Chanel No 5 body lotion, writing stationery and a lovely mug – and from my French pen friend, some card making toppers which are fabulous, various sorts of sweets, some home made, and a handbag hook for when you’re sitting in a cafe. Amazing. I’m a very lucky woman.
I just love to have a pile of books ready to read. One of them was the Simon’s Cat “Over the Fence” which is just lovely. I love his stuff. It’s not “cutesy-poo” at all, just very funny and well observed. This one has a story-line, which makes it even better.
Must go now. It must be time for something to eat. I have had a bowl of Shreddies with a banana sliced on top and two mince pies, but that’s all today. But then I woke very late. Hmm.

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