31st December 2010

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Dragged myself out of bed at 10.30. Ate some breakfast – bran flakes with soya milk. Managed to shower and dress before the shopping was delivered – I shouldn’t be allowed to order the shopping by myself. Somehow or other we have 16 kitchen rolls. Sixteen. But no little oranges. Normally Vic sits with me while I do the ordering, this time he didn’t. Not exactly a disaster, but storage is beginning to be a problem. One week we ended up with 5 kg of lamb mince. Yes, five kilogrammes.
Ah well.
You’ll all be pleased to know, I’m sure, that my little eleven-year-old Ford Ka started up first turn of the key. After weeks of sub-zero temperatures and covered with a foot of snow, I think that’s pretty impressive. Drove up to Tescos. It’s actually a ten minute walk but I’m just so damn tired. Parked right by the main road, so it was a five minute walk to the actual shop, got some bits and bobs, then dropped into Notcutts, a big garden centre on the same site. I bought three packs of 24 red baubles for £7.50. Not bad, huh. They’re for next year, and were of course half price.
Had lunch – bread roll, goat butter, and some sheep cheese, three little oranges and a banana. And of course my final portion of trifle. Yum.
This afternoon I was quite busy. I sorted through two bags full of wrapping paper and discovered lots of tissue paper I can re-use, as well as four ribbons which will be lovely for card-making. Also sorted the washing ready for tomorrow, ran the dishwasher through and emptied it, backed up my pc and Vic’s pc onto the external hard drive, then treated myself to a sit down with a nice cup of tea and two mince pies. Yum, again.
Vic is currently cooking tea – lamb curry. What a hero.
No plans for this evening. Too tired. Crap on TV. We managed to miss the Christmas Doctor Who, and can’t find it on Catch Up TV or iPlayer. Damn and blast, the only thing worth watching all over the holiday, and we forgot to record it. Never mind, we have a list of good stuff on the Virgin+ box which we can watch.
I am waiting for several things to be delivered. Another external hard drive, to back up the RiPNAS directly (that’s our music server), incrementally and regularly. The complete series of The West Wing on DVD. A new Kipling handbag. Two L’Oréal mascaras (Lash Architect, my favourite) and some rosehip and hibiscus tea bags, which for some reason are difficult to find in the local shops. All very exciting. And today I received a new watch and black waterfall cardigan I’d ordered from Next. Hooray. Thank goodness for internet shopping.
Still knackered, but at least woke up this morning rather than this afternoon. Also, showered and dressed, which I didn’t manage yesterday. Currently drinking a nice cup of tea (something we do a lot in this house!) and typing this blog. Lovely.
Happy New Year to you all.

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