4th January 2011

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Got up at 9 am today – doctor’s appointment at 10 am. Bag full of prescriptions, another appointment to see the asthma nurse on Thursday and yet another appointment to see a different doctor about my wonky arm on Monday. It’s just as well I’m retired, I really don’t have time (never mind the energy) to work in between all my medical appointments.
Horrible day today, cold and sleety. The cat has been very sweet and affectionate – she tried to help me reading my book this morning, pawing the pages and so on. I guess she just wanted some attention, and wanted me to stop reading. So I did.
Still not able to knit – two months now. My whole arm is painful. Let’s hope the good doctor can fix me on Monday, or at least get me on the road to being fixed.
Dreadful floods in Australia – I don’t know how people cope. I suppose you just have to.
Today I did three loads of washing and they’re all nearly dry now. Also did the shopping online ready for delivery on Friday. Vic needs to go through it with me though to make sure I haven’t made any major booboos.
Ham, cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch, three little oranges and a banana for pudding. And I found at the bottom of one of my carrier bags a packet of Bourbon biscuits – they must have been there several weeks. Excellent. Love Bourbon biscuits, and they have no dairy in them! Hooray!
Vic has had a foul day, cold and horrid. He’s making dinner now (cheese, onion and potato pie – yum) and hopefully will feel better after he’s eaten. No sleep either.
I’ve just deleted all except my profile pictures from facebook. I’m not sure why, exactly. I’m half thinking of deleting my facebook account, but I have a feeling that your photos stay up there, somewhere in the ether, unless you actually delete them yourself. So I have, ready for when I finally make the decision.
Still waiting for the external hard drive. Turns out the courier says it’s been signed for – I’d like to know by whom! If I don’t hear from the retailer soon I’m going to ask for a copy of the signature . . .

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