8th January 2011

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New Year’s Resolutions :-
I will:
  1. be nicer to people. Curb my irritable, impatient, stroppy inner bitch.
  2. stop feeling sorry for myself. Accept that sometimes I’m knackered and need to sleep, and that’s ok.
  3. try and keep my hands in better condition. They’re dry and horrible.
  4. not smoke or drink alcohol – oh, wait, I don’t do either. That’s an easy one then.
  5. be more flexible. I’m a bit sort of “well that’s not what I’d planned”.
  6. clean the bathrooms more often. Oh, no, scratch that.
Got up today about 11.30 am, then had to go back to bed at 1 pm and slept till 4.30 pm. Feel ok-ish now though.
It’s a weekend, so that means eating chocolate. I love chocolate, and can only eat the stuff with no milk, but have researched that very carefully. There’s quite a lot of chocolate I can eat, but no Cadbury’s, because there’s milk even in their plain chocolate. Same with Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrison’s and even the Co-op own brand plain chocolate. Why put milk in it if it’s “plain” ? Grrrrr. But I do restrict my chocolate eating to the weekends. I can manage that, because I know that I only have five days to manage without it. Over Christmas, of course, my self-imposed rule was relaxed somewhat, with the result that I have gained half a stone in weight. But it will come off as I go back to my usual habits I expect.
Have just finished reading “The White Queen” by Philippa Gregory. Excellent. Can’t wait to get hold of the next one in the series. It’s all about Elizabeth Woodville, who married Edward IV during the Wars of the Roses, and really interesting. Now I’m reading Jean Plaidy’s “The Goldsmith’s Wife” which is about Mistress Shore, Edward IV’s favourite mistress.
Must stop now, arm hurting. Damn.

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