11th January 2011

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Arm (right from shoulder down to thumb) still not good. Saw the doctor for the umpteenth time on Monday and have been referred to the hospital. Hmph. But have discovered something called Bromelain, which is pineapple extract, and it’s supposed to help with inflammation including arthritis. I’ve ordered some from Zipvit and will see if it helps. Am also seeing the osteopath on Thursday so that should help too.
Saw my friend Sue this morning – went round for coffee – well, actually, a cup of tea – and took some double choc chip cookies I’d made. Yum. Had a lovely chat and then fetched some vegetables and milk from Tesco’s on the way home.
Long sleep this afternoon – 3½ hours. But I must need it.
Saw Aunty Susan on Sunday morning – she popped in with two of her granddaughters, which was really nice. Hardly ever see her these days, she’s so busy as she’s a headteacher, so works more than full time, if you see what I mean, and has her family to deal with too.
Have decided that stretch jeans are the way to go. I expect I will eventually fit back into my non-stretch Boden jeans (of which I unfortunately have three pairs) when the Christmas weight has gone, but in the meantime will stick with NYDJ jeans, which I love to bits. Although I do have several other pairs of Boden trousers and jeans which fit me fine, I think it’s just this one particular style. Ah well. Am also going to check out “wizard jeans” and see how they are. They are also stretch.
It’s half time during the Birmingham City v West Ham United match, so this will be a short one . . . currently Birmingham City are one down. I would like to be a fly on the wall in the dressing room, as their manager has been shouting and gesticulating at them the whole of the first half! Let them get on with it I say and have a go at half time. But what do I know.

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