13th January 2011

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Yesterday I went into Solihull. My list was very short – only two places to go, John Lewis and the library. I needed to go to John Lewis because I wanted to return a handbag I’d bought online and didn’t like, and pick up another one which I’d had delivered to them.
Turns out you can’t return stuff to the “collections” counter, you have to go back to the department. So I ended up with a huge box full of the new bag which I also didn’t like, and all the packing, and the original bag, and a heavy bag full of library books, up the escalator to the handbag department. All was going fairly well with the return procedure when I started to have a funny turn. I frequently have funny turns in John Lewis, it’s so flipping hot in there. I had to remove my warm jacket and find my hand fan, and start fanning like a mad woman to stop myself passing out.
Then of course I was exhausted before I’d even started the rest of the stuff I needed to do. But it was ok once I’d decided that it was “jacket off” in the shops, and “jacket on” outside. I also took the library books back before I did anything else, so I wasn’t carrying heavy stuff around all morning.
Finally found a bag I liked at “Posh Bags” and it’s perfect. Also got loads of library books to read which is excellent as I still can’t knit (bummer).
Next, when I’d finished in Solihull, I needed to get the food for Becky and Tom to cook for us tonight, so that involved schlepping round Sainsbury’s. But it was ok (ish). By the time I got home I was desperate for a cup of tea, lunch, and my bed. The cat was pretty cross too, as she’d been in most of the morning and wanted to play outside. No cat door, you see. She’s so docile we’d have all her little friends inside eating her food.
Today, I went to the osteopath, who is wonderful. She’s tiny, barely 5′ tall, if that, and can’t weigh more than 6 stone max. But so strong! And a lovely person too. She dealt with my back and gave my shoulder and arm a good seeing too as well, and advice about my appointment with the podiatrist next week. (Take Vic with you, she said).
I always need a sleep when I’ve seen the osteopath – probably because she relaxes muscles that were tight. I need a sleep anyway in the afternoon unless I’ve got up really late, say, 11.30 am.
Must stop now, need to rest and ice my wonky arm.

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