15th January 2011

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A productive day. Cleaned the en-suite and the downstairs loo thoroughly. They do get a cursory wipe regularly, but this was a proper clean. Smug or what.
Also have rearranged our cupboards a bit so that things are easier to see and manage. That felt good and is much better now.
And I’ve defrosted some lovely double choc chip (dairy free) cookies which are very nice to nibble at after a meal. As well as my usual chocolate ration, of course. What sort of a girl do you think I am?
The cat, also, had a productive day. She wrestled with a small cotton rug we keep by the patio door, then hid underneath it, keeping very still, for a while. Then she wriggled about underneath it, for a little while, then crawled out and sat up, as if to say “well, that’s done then”.

Vic has done the dinner in our new, Christmas gift, slow cooker. Smells lovely, and he’s not rushing about getting fraught.
Between us we also sorted out the music which says “unknown” on his DS player. It took a bit of doing, but it’s done now and he is happy with it all. Excellent.
YD phoned a bit fraught, but talked her through it and now she’s ok. ED also phoned, full of exciting things they’re going to do with their flat in Southampton, and stories of their naughty cat JR!
Watched first of “Episodes” with Steven Mangan and Tamsin Greig. Loved it. Can’t wait for the next one. Loved “Rev” too and am awaiting the issue of that on DVD. Love Tom Hollander. Excellent actor, so versatile.
Hand, arm and wrist still painful. Damn.
Have some machine knitting projects – one involving the garter carriage, now I’ve got some sound-absorbing feet for the table – and one not. But I have to have a) the time, b) the inclination c) the energy and d) my machine knitting head on. Maybe this week.

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