20th January 2011

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An interesting week. Monday I slept. A lot. Tuesday I had a pedicure – always good. Wednesday – slept. A lot. Today – went to see the podiatrist about my wonky feet. Lovely, lovely man. Wonderful manner. Outcome – it’s Moreton’s Neuroma, and my Ecco shoes are way too soft and I’ve had to buy some different shoes. They have a much more rigid sole, which should help, but they look like – well, they are – trainers. Really not my style, but health comes first. They are Brasher’s which apparently is a good make, and they’re ok I suppose. Next, I have to have an ultrasound scan and then go back to see what’s happening. If the different shoes don’t work, it’s steroid injections. If those don’t work, it’s surgery. So it’s good that he’s trying conservative measures first. I’m not allowed to wear slippers, even. But I am allowed to wear more dressy shoes for a short period. I don’t do heels – haven’t worn heels for years and years now, because of my wonky back, but trainers! really!
Vic came with me, thank goodness, and took me into Solihull afterwards to get said shoes / trainers, then we had a coffee in Druckers. Very nice. Also bought some egg-poaching silicone thingamajigs in Lakeland.
Long sleep this afternoon. Had to get up at 8 am this morning – really not used to that any more.
The weather is just beautiful. Cold, but sunny. A deep frost each night (well, deep for the British Midlands). I don’t care how cold it is as long as it’s dry. And it is! lovely.
The external hard drive finally arrived from Play.com. I ordered it initially on 8th December, and it arrived today, after several emails and phone calls. Apparently the first one, which I never received, was confirmed as delivered on 10th December by the courier – interesting, as our road was impassable on that day. Anyway, anyway, anyway, it’s here now, all set up, attached directly to the music server and set to back up regularly and incrementally. Next thing – to get a networked external hard drive (called a NAS I think, Network Attached Server) – possibly a Buffalo one – so that I can back up both Vic’s machine and mine more easily.
When YD and boyfriend have moved into their house, the next thing is to set up the final external hard drive, dedicate that to the music server, and keep one at their house, swapping them over every month or so, so that we have some off-site backup. I did check out online backup, but for 206Gb of music it’s very expensive, so I think this is a better solution. It’s all great fun.
Vic is currently doing the dinner. A chilli made for Christmas with some mushrooms he’s just discovered in the fridge. Tomorrow the shopping is being delivered, and I have decided I really must start using the Wii Fit+. When the shopping’s been put away I’ll do my stuff. In my new shoes. Hmph.
I’ve set up a Scrabble game on my Ubuntu. It’s actually called Networdz and runs in a Windows emulator, called Wine, but you just can’t get a decent Scrabble game on Linux. It’s not as intuitive as the Funkitron one, but it at least works! And makes a change from the card games I like to play.
Oh dear, sounding geeky again. Ah well.

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