22nd January 2011

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Well, today I am officially a Miserable Old Baggage. I’m weepy and very fed up. Mostly with constant pain. So I’ve decided to keep on with the Wii Fit+ twice a week, and all the other days to go for a walk. It’s ten minutes round the block, and as well as the exercise, the daylight is good for miserable old baggages like me.
Just been for said walk in new shoes (with extra sock wrapped round the ankle they’re rubbing) and it was fine.
Thank goodness for painkillers and ice packs, that’s all I’ll say about my hand / arm/ wrist.
Yesterday I made a banana and chocolate chip cake with the left over bananas. Yummy. In fact, might treat myself to a small(ish) piece later on this afternoon with a cup of tea while I read one of my new books.
Paul O’Grady’s “At My Mother’s Knee”, Bill Bryson’s “Icons of England” and Alison Weir’s “Lancaster and York”, all arrived today. Hooray! Have just finished all my library books, so they can go back on Monday, and I just love to have a pile of books to read. Love it.
Well, hand hurting, so must stop.

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