25th January 2011

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Less weepy and pathetic today. I have an appointment to have an ultrasound scan of my feet at the beginning of March (don’t ask!) and a physiotherapy assessment of my hand/arm/wrist next Friday, 4th Feb. Finally. It does feel like something more positive is happening about all my wonky bits.
We had a small drama with the cat on Sunday. She’d been eating grass, and we think a long stalk got stuck, and she couldn’t swallow it. She was gagging, but not vomiting, and couldn’t manage to eat anything. So off we went to the emergency vet (thank goodness we’re insured!) and paid £104. But she was seen immediately, thoroughly examined, and given an anti-inflammatory injection, which has done the trick. She doesn’t mind being examined at all, takes no notice of a thermometer being poked up her bottom, nor a needle stuck in her skin. Very sweet and docile. Also curious – she jumped from the examination table to the computer desk and started pottering around on there. Bless her.
Yesterday she could only manage soft food, today she’s back to top form and has eaten a whole sachet of soft food and some biscuits too. Hooray!
Am keeping up with the Wii Fit+ stuff and the 10 minute walk every other day. It’s good, not just for the actual exercise, but being outside is good too. Roll on gardening weather.
My friend Cas came round for coffee this morning – we used to go to school together, many moons ago in “nineteen hundred and frozen-to-death.” We drank coffee, chatted and ate home made double choc chip cookies. Yum.
This afternoon will be sleep time, after lunch which is going to be a bread roll with possibly ham, maybe cheese, then two little oranges and a banana. Also my lunchtime cocktail of pills (anti depressants and Bromelain – pineapple extract – supposed to help with the pain).

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