Wednesday 26th January 2011

A wonderful day. Had my hair cut this morning by the inestimable James at Toni & Guy, then met lovely friend Fiona for lunch at spud-u-like. I used to work with Fiona at Solihull Council, and she still works there. We always have a lovely chat about life in general, including our cats and sexist football commentators, for example, today.

In between the two things, though, I saw a bagpiper in full regalia playing his pipes today outside Marks and Spencers, so put a couple of quid in the hat and asked him to play “Flower o’ Scotland”, the which he did, while I stayed and listened. As my mum is Scots by birth, I really like the lyrics of that one.

Next, met quite by chance a friend I’ve known for over 40 years now – my friend Kim. We had a really nice chat too, and she’s really happy now she’s changed some basic things in her life. Good to hear. Excellent news.

Came home, changed my coat as it’s cold today, went straight out for my small constitutional round the block which I’m doing all the days I don’t do the Wii Fit thing. Must lose this Christmas weight.

Then ordered some new shoes on line (they’re a style I have in two colours already and know what size fits me . . . how sad is that??) and read The Big Issue with a nice cup of tea and did the crossword.

Was very pleased to see Adele featured in their music section – YD had told me about her only yesterday, and I’d watched her sing a couple of tracks on youtube. Amazing voice, just amazing. Talented young woman.

Also, over the past few days, have made contact with a friend from years and years ago. My mum’s best friend at school married a Swedish guy, moved to Sweden with him and had three sons. They were always turning up at strange hours desperate to use our loo, and were great fun. We went over in 1970, I think it must have been, for a summer holiday, which was absolutely wonderful. Somehow or other we lost touch over the years, but I have always thought about them and what they’re doing now.

Well, thanks to facebook, I’ve actually managed to contact the middle son. Who is an airline pilot, no less, and lives in China! Oh. My. God. His photos look exactly like I would expect him to look, 40 years later. What an interesting life he has. A multilingual son, and a Swedish partner. The guy is bilingual himself, with an English mother and Swedish father, but I guess he must speak Chinese as well now. Blimey. Makes my French, Italian and Spanish look a bit pathetic really. But it’s not a competition, now, is it.

It is wonderful to have found one of them, at least.

And good news about the cat – she’s back on top form, now, but not quite so keen on biscuits as she was. I’m sure that will pass . . .

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