Thursday 3rd Feb 2011

Another Wii Fit+ day, then cleaned our en-suite and the downstairs loo. Always a chore, but done now. Lunch, then bed.

Am losing the Christmas weight slowly but steadily – and here’s how.

  • Breakfast: bowl of cereal, Shreddies or Bran Flakes, with soya milk.
  • Lunch: bread roll with ham & mustard, or (goat) cheese & cucumber, or something similar, then two small oranges and a banana.
  • Dinner: Vic cooks dinner, and I have a portion half the size of his. Then a teacupful of goat yoghurt with dessertspoonful of jam.
  • No chocolate, or cakes, except at the weekend, when I get through a 200g bar of Waitrose own plain chocolate, with or without fruit and/or nuts, and a square Ritter marzipan & plain chocolate bar. Yum. Sometimes a piece of cake too, depending. There may be a banana cake this weekend if we don’t finish the bananas tomorrow.
  • Ten minutes of exercise every day, either a walk round the block, or  Wii Fit+. Very gentle exercise, but exercise none the less.

I have now lost 6 lbs, and am hoping maybe to lose another 3 or 4. I’m not restricting my food intake apart from the chocolate. I’ve given up on the bowl of cereal in the evenings, however comforting it may be. If dinner is something like poached eggs on toast, though, I do allow myself one.

Bought a lovely new top from Next the other day, with a hanky hem and matching scarf. Lovely. Also some fab trousers in the sale at John Lewis – they’re Kaliko and fit a treat. Must take them up, though. I always, always have to take trousers up as I’m 5′ 3″, and all clothes are clearly made for 6′ amazons. I once made the mistake of taking up a pair of trousers before I’d washed them. Mistake. Big mistake. Once I’d washed them they were about 1/2 ” too short, and looked awful. So I had to buy another pair, and wash them, then take them up. And that’s the secret.

Tomorrow I’m seeing a specialist physio for diagnosis and planned treatment of my wonky arm, which is still a damn nuisance. I’m living on paracetamol, and am really hopeful they’ll be able to help.

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