Saturday 5th February 2011

Busy couple of days. Friday morning got up at stupid o’clock (7 am) and went to see the specialist physio. She thinks I have carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis in my hand and wrist, something pinching in my shoulder, and is going to do a steroid injection into the back of the wrist, get me a special supporting glove/splint thing and has asked the GP to arrange nerve conduction tests. Also gave me some exercises to strengthen the arm. Excellent. Very productive and I feel much more positive.

Next, Solihull to take back two tops to John Lewis.

Then home, made a banana cake and helped put the shopping away.

Lunch, bed, sleep, for 3 hours.

Today is Alice’s 7th birthday so we went over for brunch and had a wonderful time with the (step)family. She loved the cardigan I’d knitted her with ladybird buttons and a lightly stuffed applique ladybird, and immediately put it on and kept it on all morning! which is always, always so rewarding. 

Home, bed, for another 2 hours.

YD is currently cooking up a storm – mezze for dinner tonight, hooray.

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