Thursday 10th February 2011

Busy, busy week. Didn’t do anything Monday, I don’t think so anyway, Tuesday we went to Malvern lunchtime to look after the two grandchildren until their mum came home from work at 7.15, then home, food, bed.

Wednesday I was supposed to have my friend round for coffee, but was just too knackered – gaga with tiredness. Woke at noon, staggered around a bit, then slept till noon again today.

Two friends (from the erstwhile knitting class) round for coffee this afternoon – nice chat then food and now I’m doing this blog.

Couldn’t go for my walk today, for some reason my knee is playing up – collapsing at the slightest excuse. Pathetic.
Meanwhile, on the IT front, have had an eventful few days. Discovered that Windows Home Server, installed on the RipNAS, doesn’t back itself up. You can back up any other computer on the network on to the NAS, but it won’t back itself up on to the USB external hard drive I’ve attached to it. You have to either do it manually (ugh) or install something else onto the NAS to make it do it. 
What I wanted ideally is something that will back up incrementally (only new or changed files) and scheduled. Discovered via one of the forums that Synctoy, a freebie from Microsoft, does the job. But it doesn’t schedule itself, you have to use Windows Scheduler to do that bit.
So I attached a monitor and keyboard and mouse to the NAS, installed Synctoy, reattached it to the network, and it wouldn’t boot. Gaaaaaagh. It’s hubby’s best toy in the world, and not cheap. Detached from the network, got hubby’s blessing to take it apart (gaaaaaaagh), put it back together and it worked. How does that work then?
Anyway, it’s all fine now, ripping CDs and backing up on to the Story Station (weird name).

Next, I decided I really need Windows on my pc as well as Ubuntu so that I can access the NAS either through Windows Home Server or through Remote Desktop. That actually wasn’t too hard, although I couldn’t make Ubuntu resize the partition, and had to format and reinstall from scratch, with Windows XP first, on a small 45 Gb partition, with the rest of the 1Tb for Ubuntu. Thank goodness for backups I say.

So. Now we have three external hard drives. One is a Story Station, attached directly to the NAS via USB, one (a LaCie) is spare (at the moment) and one is another NAS (Buffalo) to which I can back up mine and hubby’s computers without having to attach it to each computer in turn. I back up both our computers monthly, once on to the Buffalo NAS and once onto the RipNAS. That way, there are actually three backups of our data, because the RipNAS is set up to backup regularly on to the Story Station.

The spare one, the LaCie, will be used to swap with the Story Station to the NAS and kept elsewhere, so that we have an off-site backup. I did investigate on-line backup, but with 200Gb of data it’s very expensive. This was a much better way of doing it.

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