Wednesday 16th February 2011

Went to see The King’s Speech on Monday. It was absolutely wonderful. I am no Royalist, in fact I think our heads of state should be elected, and would love a republic, but nevertheless enjoyed this film very much indeed. I cried at one point – and it has to be 20 years since I’ve cried at a film. The whole thing was absolutely excellent, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anybody at all.
Pedicure on Tuesday, then into Solihull to return two more tops to John Lewis. Totally unsuitable, way too young for me. Then to library, needed to stop for a cup of tea in between the two things. Still needed a long sleep in the afternoon, and slept in till 11.30 am this morning.
But managed to do the ironing, got hubby to move two plant pots outside, and have done the shopping online between us. Also wrapped YD’s birthday present (it’s next Monday), which was no mean feat and involved a long sit down afterwards!

The cat is particularly affectionate at the moment, very cuddly and purry and sweet. I do know I’m just a food provider, and one of the two staff (other one being hubby of course) but I like to pretend she actually likes me a bit. She’s certainly very trusting and secure with us both, and loves to have her chin/throat and even tummy stroked. Bless her little furry heart.

One thought on “Wednesday 16th February 2011

  1. I also would like to see “the King's speech”, but I couldn't yet. This week, Clemence is at home ; so, I don't know if this film can be interest her. What do you think of that ? This morning, I took her to Thierry's company for the starting of her work experience.
    I think I'm going to used to seeing (and reading of course) your website. It's a good idea and a good work for me. Have a good day

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