Thursday 24th February 2011

Well, what an exciting week! YD’s birthday on Monday 21st, and her chap took her away for the weekend. She phoned on Saturday night all emotional – he’d proposed! and of course she said YES! Wonderful wonderful news. YD is over the moon. He had had a ring specially made for her, and she had no idea. It’s beautiful. He’d asked her dad the weekend before, and he’d kept it a secret too. They’ve been together for over 7 years. Lovely, lovely news. We are all absolutely delighted.

Then on Tuesday hubby and I caught the train to London, where we had booked a very nice hotel (The Strand Palace), on The Strand, five minutes’ walk from Charing Cross tube station. We had been given tickets to The Royal Opera House, no less, to see Mozart’s Die Zauberflote, and it was wonderful. We dressed up to the nines and the Opera House was also a five minute walk from the hotel. Excellent. The plot is very odd indeed, terribly masonic and peculiar, but a real occasion for us both. 
We also ate our dinner at the Amphitheatre Restaurant at the Opera House, and it was fabulous. Just fabulous. The whole thing was wonderful.
The train journey both ways was also very very good. 1 hour and ten minutes from Birmingham International to London – easy and comfortable.

The cat, of course, was not best pleased that we had disappeared for two days, but YD and Tom were at home to feed her morning and evening. Bless.

YD and Tom are moving out tomorrow into their own house. Tomorrow the sale is completed, and they’re going to clean it up, and Saturday they’re moving their stuff. They’re very excited. It’s a big thing, to buy your own first house. They shared a rented house for a year, but this one is actually bought. Wonderful. Photos to follow.

Also, today, the physio injected cortisone into my thumb joint. It’s never very nice, and I’m feeling fragile tonight. The pain is worse, but hopefully that will be temporary. I also need to have my shoulder x-rayed, and if this injection works in the left wrist, she’ll do one into the right one as well, as that is now painful too. Pathetic. Miserable old baggage.

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