1st March 2011

Brighton at the weekend – fabulous. Long journey, though, takes 3 hours with a half hour stop. Saw Rocky for the first time in over a year. What a lovely, lovely little boy. He’s two and two months now, and chats away happily all the time. He has clearly only encountered kindness, and is very open and jolly. I was very touched that when, in the coffee shop, he realised I wasn’t going to have any cake, he got very insistent, and pointed at the table full of different types of cakes. “Cake, lots of cake” he pointed, and when I still didn’t eat any, he sweetly gave me some of his (crumbs)! Bless his little heart.
We also got to see the other two grandchildren, Toby and Lucy, at their mum’s fabulous flat. It’s at the very top of a huge, mostly empty, building, with views the whole length of Brighton bay, and is big, airy, light and beautiful. It was absolutely wonderful to see them all, healthy and happy and really enjoying their lives.
Sunday morning we went for a walk down past the conference centre to a wonderful cake/coffee shop called The Mock Turtle, where we had lunch. Absolutely delicious. Caught the bus back (my poor old legs were suffering and I was absolutely exhausted by this time) and dropped ES (eldest son), with Rocky, in Guildford, where his mother lives. Rocky’s mother, not ES’s mother.
Monday we popped in to see YD’s + Tom’s new house. They have worked really hard, and have stripped one complete room of wallpaper. They’ve made a bedroom into a temporary lounge, and their bedroom is lovely. They are clearly going to make a lovely job of it, and I’m really pleased for them.
Tuesday – ooh, that’s today. To doctor’s this morning for prescriptions for my various ailments. Sorted out portable TV in spare bedroom, organised freeview digibox (very basic one), new portable aerial and SCART switch box. Currently the tv is only connected to the dvd player, and that’s all. When all the stuff comes I’ll set it all up so that visitors can watch tv or a dvd.

Also have made a banana cake. Didn’t have all the right ingredients, so I’m not sure how it will taste, but it smells and looks good. We’ll see later, we’ll share a slice before it goes in the freezer.

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