4th March 2011

In Brighton, I was sitting on the sea front, cloud watching. The combined angles of the sun, the sea and the clouds meant that two clouds were turned into pearlescent rainbows. Absolutely beautiful, and I’ve never seen that happen before. I have seen double rainbows, one inside the other, but never a rainbow coloured cloud. Or two. Magical.
Had an ultrasound scan on both feet on Wednesday. I really didn’t expect that to be painful, as the last ultrasound scans I had were when I was pregnant, in nineteen hundred and frozen-to-death. However. The guy needed to squeeze, prod and poke my feet exactly where they hurt, so it was all a bit fraught really. But done now. Awaiting the next appointment with the foot guy to see what he thinks.
Then into Solihull, to the library, where I got six books to read. That should keep me going for a while anyway, particularly as I still can’t damn well knit. Also took a top back to M&S, got a refund, and bought myself 17 new pairs of socks. Extravagant? well, not really, as I didn’t buy new socks last winter, and they were all in a terrible state. All dumped now. 12 are ordinary socks, cotton-rich, and 5 are trainer socks, which I’ve never tried before, but I will need this summer when it’s wet, as I now have to wear these trainer things to help my feet.
Hubby is in Glasgow, at the Linn factory, being shown how they make an LP12 record deck. He’s very excited about it. (It’s a man thing – has to be.) Flew up yesterday from Birmingham, and is coming back tomorrow.
I have a stinking rotten cold and feel like five kinds of sh*t. Today, however, I have actually managed to get dressed after the shower. Yesterday I had a bath, didn’t dare risk a shower as I couldn’t stand up very well, too giddy and pathetic, but then put my pyjamas on and slobbed around all day like that. Not quite so bad today, but not great. Hmph. Have had to cancel hairdo and lunch with a friend. But it’s clearly passing, and as soon as I get my voice back (another delightful symptom every time I get a cold) I’ll phone the hairdresser and rebook it.

The weather is nice though, cold but sunny. The cat has been particularly affectionate. Normally you expect cats to be sort of “get up, stop moaning/bleeding, and get me some food”. But yesterday when I finally emerged from bed at 5.30 pm, way after her tea time, she was sitting patiently on the stairs. No yowling, no fuss, just scampered down and waited for me to feed her. Bless. And she’s been quite cuddly too. Today she’s playing around in the garden quite happily. Bless her little heart.

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