Sunday 13th March 2011

Well, the voice is back and I’m feeling much better, thank goodness.
ED and Paul came to stay over on Friday night – that was lovely. Also her friend Michelle arrived en route to Dover from Newcastle on  Tyne (a very long way) with her husband, his brother, and little Bethan. A lovely time was had by all – Bethan, aged 3, has the most delightful Geordie accent. Wonderful. 
Japan – OMG. How awful. I can’t imagine how dreadful it must be, and it’s not getting better either. All those people. Jeez. But that’s nature, and in Libya it’s not. Can’t imagine how awful it is there either.
Have done some gardening today – well, cut back the berberis, the eryngiums, and the ceanothus, which just looked ugly and horrible. Now we have seven black bin bags full in the shed, so a trip to the tip is definitely in order. The wheelie bin is also full to the brim, and not due to be collected for another two or three weeks.
Also did my ironing – so am feeing very virtuous indeed, although of course absolutely knackered. But it’s done.
Hairdo booked for tomorrow, visit to niece for Tuesday, and visit from Mother on Friday. Just need to phone the QE hospital re sleep test and osteopath re back/arms/shoulder appointment, hopefully this week.

Well, that’s it for now.

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