17th March 2011

It’s St Patrick’s Day today – lots of Irish people drinking and laughing and having lots of fun. Green all over the place. Also my niece’s birthday. I have four nieces, all absolutely delightful. This one has three children and a menagerie of animals. Two rabbits, both males, so have to be kept in separate hutches. One shares with a guinea-pig and that works ok. Also a blind quail. Yes. A blind quail. Which she saved from a buzzard the other day. She’d got him out of his little cage thing because it was a sunny day and she thought he might like to feel grass under his feet and warmth on his head, when she became aware of something behind/above her. When she looked, it was a whacking great buzzard. Gaagh! so she grabbed Blind Quail and put him back in his home. Blimey.

Today have made two carrot cakes – one for YD’s birthday (late, I know), which I will deliver to her tomorrow, one is in our freezer. Yum. Also am planning a trifle this weekend. My trifles have a home-made broken up cake base (so it’s dairy free), a layer of frozen fruit on top, then I make custard with soya milk. Yum yum yum.
Yesterday we went to the municipal tip, emptied seven huge bags of garden rubbish and all the dead batteries into the respective receptacles. Replanted a very vigorous golden hop so will see how that does.

But despite all this activity, am feeling rather pathetic and low really. Maybe the doctor will change my tablets next time I go – not sure what to though. But that’s for him to decide I guess.

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