18th March 2011

YD loves her birthday carrot cake – particularly as I iced it with glace icing. She came round this morning, and so did my mother. So we all had coffee/tea and chatted.
When YD went home, she took with her all her pots and plants and gardening stuff, so our garden looks a lot tidier. Excellent. She also moved some of my pots into a better place – they’re on wheelie things but I still can’t move them. 
Then I noticed that my hoya plant has actually flowered. Beautiful. I’m delighted. It was a present from Sylvia (machine knitting teacher) and she took it from a cutting. She has very green fingers (or thumbs, as they say in France), and it’s just such a pretty flower. It looks almost waxy, like icing on a cake. Lovely.
Tonight I’m going to start off the dairy-free trifle, and the bread rolls (in the breadmaker). Very domesticated. Not quite goddess status, but working towards.

Worried about Libya, and Japan. Not productive I know, but maybe empathy isn’t such a bad thing. What are we all going to do about nuclear power now? maybe we need to find something else that is just not so damn dangerous. Hmm.

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