my birthday!

What a wonderful day I’ve had! lots of cards, lots of presents – all absolutely fabulous. I have a pile of nine books to read – which is my favourite situation to be in. I have some Body Shop Neroli Jasmin shower gel, moisturiser, spritz and perfume, (love that stuff), and the Coco before Chanel DVD to watch. Not to mention three boxes of Hotel Chocolat chocolates, one of which is dark chocolate hazelnut praline (my all time favourite chocolate). Excellent, just excellent.

The weather has been beautiful, our new solar powered pump for the little water feature is working perfectly, and a much better idea than the mains powered one which was noisy and inconvenient, I’ve done a bit of gardening (not much but enough), we’ve been out for a delicious lunch at The Farm (I had goat cheese in a hazelnut crust in beetroot and green been salad – yum), and had a little sleep this afternoon.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my 56th birthday. I opened all my presents in bed this morning, while drinking a cup of tea and eating one of the chocolates . . . it’s all been very relaxing and satisfying. Although it’s just after the spring solstice, it’s not always sunny and warm at the end of March . . . so it’s a real bonus to have such lovely weather. Always cheering.

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