28th March 2011

Lovely weekend. We went for lunch with my sister and her husband, at Cafe Rouge in Solihull, and had a wonderful time. We were half an hour late, which was totally my fault, and I felt awful about it, but had a good chat anyway.
The Killing (Saturday night viewing) has finished! Oh no! it was wonderful, gripping stuff, one of the most exciting things we’ve ever watched. Sad at the end though, and I got a bit confused and had to think about it hard afterwards to work out what had happened.
Have been in the garden today – planted some new thyme, replanted the rhubarb in a much bigger pot, and replanted a pot which was looking tatty. During the process, which hubby had to help me with, I managed to fall off my kneeler backwards. How does anyone manage that? well, I did. Landed, luckily, on my bum, which is well padded, but very disorientated and a bit shaken up. And of course now my bum hurts. Arnica cream, ice pack, paracetamol. But the garden looks great. Have also pruned the hydrangeas – possibly a bit early for that, but never mind, they were driving me barmy.
Still two hebes to plant, and must get some mint, sage and basil, also coriander.

Little sleep this afternoon, about to make a nice cup of tea.

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