Monday 4th April 2011

Well, life goes on much the same here. I’ve been able to get in the garden and sort things out a bit. I’m not quite sure that the phormiums have all died, I’ll see how they go by the end of another three weeks or so. But have definitely lost a hydrangea, all the ferns, the perennial bright red lobelia, possibly both the clematis passifloras  and probably the buddleia. The poppies had all huddled together (for warmth?) almost on top of the sea hollies, so I had to dig them up and sort them out. The bronze grasses were much too big for their boots, so I divided all three of them into ten smaller ones, and they look much better. I’ve replanted several pots which also look much happier now.

It was a very hard winter, so it’s not surprising, and most of the plants which have died I will replace with something different, but the buddleia I will simply buy another one. Also I fancy some euonymus for the difficult bed at the back of the garden – evergreen ones I think, two or three different ones. There is a viburnum (at least I think that’s what it is) doing well in there, and a hardy geranium and a sedum, but that’s all, and it looks a bit bare.

Today I went to John Lewis and returned some combat trousers I didn’t like, got hubby some new socks and spent a princely £9 in Gap on two tops. Yes, two. Amazing. Then spent £80 on line with Lands End, but if I don’t like the stuff it will go straight back. I’ve ordered two pairs of combat trousers and three cotton jersey cardigans for the spring/summer so we’ll see.

When the garden looks a bit better I’ll upload some photos I think.

Tomorrow – osteopath. Wednesday – physio. Friday – Q.E. (for the M.E.) Busy busy busy.

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