Wednesday 6th April 2011

I suppose I should have mentioned Mother’s Day – which was Sunday 3rd. It was lovely. ED came up on Friday with chappie, spent Friday night and Saturday morning with us, and had some flowers delivered, which were lovely. YD was away for the weekend but brought me a lovely card before she went, and phoned me on the day. I phoned my mother also (what goes around comes around!).
Tuesday went to the osteopath. Today saw the physio, who provided me with a thumb splint for my left hand and has referred me on to a consultant (surgeon) because she thinks it’s carpal tunnel syndrome and will need releasing surgically. Ho hum.
Tomorrow am intending to plant some crocosmia corms to replace the pennisetums which died, and maybe weed the front garden.
Every day involves at least a 3 hour sleep in the afternoon, unless I’ve stayed asleep until noon, which is what happens unless I set the alarm. Tomorrow I will set the alarm, because otherwise I won’t get any gardening done. Then I’ll shower and dress, then bed after lunch.
Friday will involve a visit to the QE hospital to have a monitor fitted so that they can hopefully work out why I twitch so much in my sleep. Another delightful feature of my life . . . .

Must go, it’s half time during the Manchester United – Chelsea match and I think it’s Champions League or something. Love the football, can’t get my head round the different Leagues. I know when it’s the World Cup but that’s about all.

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