Friday 8th April 2011

Well. Went to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital today. We allowed 1 1/2 hours for the journey, which turned out to be about right. It’s a 30 minute journey to the actual hospital, 15 minutes faffing about finding somewhere to park, another 15 minutes faffing about trying to find out where the shuttle/courtesy bus drops off/picks up, and when we couldn’t, another 10 minutes deciding what to do about it. Very stiff letter to be composed and sent regarding this particular little annoyance.
And when we actually got to the actual building with the actual clinic I needed, we sat in reception for five minutes and a woman appeared with an envelope which she handed to me. Inside was a watch-sized contraption to wear on my wrist, and a couple of sheets of instructions.
“Could this not have been posted to me?” I asked (fairly amicably, considering my fraught state of mind). “Well, we tried that, but they kept getting lost in the post, and they’re £1,500 each.” Fair enough, say I, but they agreed I could post the thing back to them. Registered post – oh I mean Special Delivery – of course. Much cheaper and less bothersome than the journey, parking, etc etc etc.
Tomorrow is shed-painting day. It needs to be done now, before the foliage gets too dense in front of it, or left until September/October, when it could well be too cold and miserable to do it. So tomorrow it is. Have bought some new shed paint because we’ve used all the old stuff (Cuprinol Duck’s Back, Forest Green). We have done it twice before, because when the shed arrived it was a ghastly orange colour, as the wood was so new. The green makes it blend into the background and complements the garden much better. So I’m expecting one coat will do it. And that hubby will help me  . . . . .
And here are some pictures of the garden, as promised. The tulips are closed because it’s evening time, but they open during the day. Who knew?




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