21st April 2011

It’s been a while since I posted, I know, but Things have been Occurring.

I had my hair cut on the 15th, went to see the asthma nurse on Monday 18th, had a pedicure on Tuesday 19th, and went round to my friend Cas to set her up with her iPod on Wednesday.

Tuesday night Bertie The Cat didn’t come in after her tea. 10.30 pm and still no cat. I went off to bed but couldn’t sleep. Then at 3.30 am I heard a cat fight, a really loud one, so went downstairs and opened the patio door, rattling the treats. She was there, but not sure about whether to leave her assailant or come in. After a minute or so she did come in, tail absolutely huge, walloped down her food at speed, had a large cuddle and purred a lot, and just when I’d got back in to bed, she hoiked up the food. Very neatly and quietly though. So I got out of bed again, cleaned it up, and eventually got to sleep about 4.30. Strict curfew now imposed. I let her come round with me watering the pots (me not her), then she has tea about 6 pm, which she woofs down, and then she’s in for the night. We’ve always kept her in at night, but now it’s so much warmer she’s loving it. But I think it gave her a bit of a fright, the cat or cats unknown who attacked, because she’s very reluctant to leave our garden now. Bless.

My friend Rejane phoned today. I’d left a message last night on her phone, and wasn’t sure whether they just didn’t want to talk to anybody, or were away, or what. I’ve sent her birthday present off anyway (next Friday). She phoned me back today and we had a long chat. She’s a bit tearful some of the time, but who wouldn’t be. She and her husband are just such a lovely couple and it’s such a dreadful thing to happen to anybody (see previous post of 29th March). The grandson sounds absolutely delightful, but saying some heart-rending stuff. “Is Mummy coming back on Sunday for something to eat? Well, can she come another day then?” Oh god oh god oh god. Bless his little heart. Fortunately the son-in-law and grandson live close by, so that Rejane and her husband can see a lot of them, and they can help each other. I wish I lived closer then I could just pop in.

Today Vic decided to re-roof the shed with roofing felt, so while he was doing that, I painted the edging boards.

one more coat of paint to do

(from bedroom window)

It’s all very satisfying. Then I cleaned two bathrooms. Not as thoroughly as I would have liked, but I only have so much energy.

I’d just finished cleaning the bathrooms, and was literally getting into the shower, when I heard a little “Hello? Hello?”, wrapped my mercifully large towel round me, went downstairs, opened the front door, and the porch door was open. Hmm. So I said Hello, as well, and YD appeared. Lovely. Cups of tea were made (while I was in the shower) and drunk, chats were had, all very nice.

Next, lunchtime. Goat cheese and tomato sandwich, then banana, then two little “free from” chocolate cakes.

Am on a diet (despite above!) trying to lose 7 lbs. Am currently winning, have lost 5 lbs so far. Next project: Tai Chi. They do a class locally, so next Friday,29th (and b*gger the Royal Flipping Wedding), I’m going to go. Assuming of course it’s open, as it’s a Bank Holiday. For goodness’ sake. Why on earth don’t we have a Republic?

Also have resolved to use the Wii Fit+ more often. I did try a ten minute walk round the block five days a week, but that did my knee in. Ah well.

Tomorrow lunch with my mother, it’s her 79th birthday. Remarkable woman. Twice the energy I have!

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