Wedneday 27th April 2011

What have I been doing? well, a bit of tidying up in the garden, which is currently looking absolutely lovely, I must say. 

Went out to lunch with Mother for her birthday and had a lovely meal at the Ewe and Lamb in Bromsgrove.

Popped round to YD to have a look at the various paint samples on their newly plastered walls.

A lot of sleeping. A lot.

On Monday I made some marmalade. From a tin, a sort of kit thing, called MaMade. Haven’t actually eaten any yet, except the little tiny bit which you have to check for “setting” properties, and that was nice.

Impressed? you should be. Next project is jam, when there’s some nice fruit in season and I have saved enough jam jars.
Yesterday went round to YD’s chappie’s sister Louise and had a lovely lunch with her and her two delightful children, Z, who is 3, and A, who is 1.  Z is a live wire, and full of fun. Most disappointed that I’m not a “pink” type gal – “oh please may you like pink!” so I allowed that it was nice on other people, but I am really not a pink or fluffy type person. Then we played in the sandpit, then a second cup of tea. “A” really liked “this is the way the ladies ride” bouncing on my knee, as have all five of the grandchildren . . . and he laughed! which was lovely as he’s not been too well.
Erm, then I posted back my Actiwatch – by Special Delivery – (for monitoring my sleep activity, of course ! why else would you bother with the dratted thing?), Boots for some new face moisturiser (same as the old one which had run out, not a different sort), then Halfords for a new interior mirror for my car. Then home for a sleep . . . .
Ha. Well, the mirror thing was a disaster. It stuck to the windscreen ok but was at completely the wrong angle for me to see anything in it! Took it back this morning, got a refund, and got the helpful chappie who sits under a canopy advertising windscreen chip fixes to do it. Currently it’s attached to the windscreen, but I daren’t adjust it yet. Tomorrow I think.

Now I’m absolutely done in and can’t wait for lunch and a sleep . . . must pot up the sunflower seedlings, which are going bonkers in their little pots. Roots coming out of the bottom and everything. They will look a little odd in the huge pots I have designated for them, but they’ll soon grow, as long as the slugs/snails don’t get them . . .

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