Saturday 30th April 2011

Tried to use my Wii Fit + on Friday, but it said the batteries were low. Frustrating, as I’d just put new, rechargeable ones in. Followed the instructions for resetting and re-synching the handsets, only to have the same thing happen again.  Gave up, but charged up the brand new, very expensive, rechargeable batteries. 
Had another go today, same thing, but I just wondered if it wasn’t the handset that had low batteries, maybe it was the thing you have to stand on. And guess what. It was. 
So all sorted out now, except that we don’t have anywhere nearly enough rechargeable batteries for all the different things we use – various remote controls, etc. So have spent another £28 and ordered 12 AAAs and 12 AAs, just to be sure. Hmph.
Managed to use the Wii Fit + today, and in the process pulled a muscle in my right hip, so I’m limping around like an old biddy. Harrumph harrumph harrumph. Damn and blast. Painkillers, ice packs, I could spit I’m so cross with myself. Hubby says I’m a delicate little flower, and easily breakable. I think I’m just pathetic!
Have heard from my lovely French friend. Her daughter died of pneumococcal meningitis, which strikes very swiftly and if it isn’t fatal, can easily cause permanent brain damage. Very rare apparently, and difficult to diagnose.
Made bread rolls today – set the breadmaker up last night so that this morning when I got up it was just kneading the dough. They do turn out well, I will say, and we had one each for lunch.
Have ordered some new clothes on line. One checked shirt from M&S, one empire line (I think) tunic from Wallis. I’ve ordered two of each, one in size 12, one in size 14, so that I can take back whichever doesn’t fit and only pay one lot of postage (to each store). But I’ll go into Solihull to take them back when they’ve all been delivered and then I can have a quick look round the other shops too. I do like jersey t-shirts, long or short sleeved, but am coming round to the opinion that they’re not very flattering when one is 56 and not terribly fit. Bulgy bits. Which I’m hoping will be camouflaged by different style/material. We’ll see.
Watched “Coco before Chanel” on Thursday night – excellent – although it wouldn’t play on the very expensive Blu-ray player! which ejected it twice and then it was very jerky. Altered various settings, eventually gave up and got the old DVD player downstairs. Worked a treat . . . we definitely need a spare bog-standard DVD player available for such eventualities!
Hubby has just sold his Linn CD player and amp thing on ebay. What a performance. Questions, questions, questions – I have no problem with questions about delivery costs etc, but when somebody asks you the same question over and over again, even when I’ve responded in their native language (luckily ones I do actually speak), I get a bit p***ed off. Ah well, done now. Just need to wait for payment and the courier to arrive to collect it.
Making further resolutions in my head to lose some weight. Easter made it difficult to refuse the chocolate during the week, and my clothes still fit, but even the Wii Fit thinks I’m too fat. My BMI is 25, so not horrendously overweight, but I really must stop eating bowls of cereal at night. And I won’t order any chocolate for me next weekend, because we have some carrot cake in the freezer, so that will satisfy my sweet-toothed cravings.
I think that’s about it for now.

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