Wednesday 4th May 2011

Ok, right. Osteopath yesterday, helped my (evidently sprained hip) A Lot.
Today, foot guy. Results of ultrasound scan – I have a Moreton’s Neuroma in each foot, two inflamed bursas in one foot and one in the other foot. Also, for the pain in the big toe joints, I have been given two orthotic insoles to wear in my shoes. Next appointment, in six weeks, will involve an x-ray and either steroid injections or arrangements for such injections. I do feel, although it’s all sounding vile, that at least I understand where all the pain is coming from.
Last summer I planted some perennial poppy seeds, and put them in the ground last autumn. Yesterday the first one flowered – beautiful. Photo to follow. How satisfying.

Tomorrow I have some planting to do – a new hebe, a delphinium, and two little grasses. Mm. Lovely.

Watched Another Year last night – excellent. Love Mike Leigh films, he’s just wonderful.

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