Thursday 5th May 2011

Now then. The orthotic insoles were very comfortable to wear, but caused the bursitis (all three of them) to be very painful last night. However, I am going to persevere, as instructed, because although some might think I’m a bit rebellious, at heart I’m a really obedient person. Not sure hubby would agree, but I do what the doctors tell me anyway.
Today I have planted the delphinium, replanted a pot which looked a mess – now it has three different little grasses in it and looks much better – planted the new hebe, called Sweet Kim, in the pot with the pathetic looking hebe Heartbreaker, and planted the pathetic hebe in the back garden to give it a second chance.
I also painted, in white gloss paint, the watering can which has been used for lawn weedkiller. It says Lawn Weed Killer – not very imaginative I know, but clear, don’t you think? – on both sides. The rose and the tube I have just painted a cross on (no room for words, or even letters).  The paint and the can were in a terrible state, so are going to the tip next week with all the other stuff which is starting to be a nuisance now.
Then a lovely shower. Two different parcels arrived today – one from Marks and Spencer – and surprisingly I need the size 14 of the fabulous Autograph shirt I’ve bought, whereas with the tunic from Wallis, the size 12 fits really well. Ho hum. Luckily I’d ordered both sizes 12 and 14 in both, so just need to take back the ones that don’t fit. Next week.
Now of course I’m completely knackered and will have to sit down, ice pack on back to start with, gradually moving to hands and feet later, drinking tea and reading The Importance of Being Seven by Alexander McCall Smith. I love that man. He writes such lovely, lovely books.

Ok, right, off to drink tea and read now. 

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