Monday 9th May 2011

Not so good today. Slept late yesterday and today, dragged myself out of bed, had breakfast (bowl of Bran Flakes), then shower. The shower head fell onto my ankle bone and foot, which left me a bit shaken, and had to call Vic for help. That’s ok now, but my hip is absolutely dreadful. Had intended to go for a walk today but that’s out of the question.
However the painkillers have helped a bit (and the ice packs) and I have at least put the bread maker on for some bread rolls. Trouble is when I am in pain I tend to feel a bit sorry for myself. Not an attractive trait I know, but if I’m left to myself, and able to have the odd cuddle from hubby, it does pass.
Retail therapy helps, of course, so thank goodness for the internet, and Boden, Next, John Lewis, and all the rest. Have ordered two new tops from Boden, cotton jersey with linen, apparently a sort of slub, and am anxiously waiting to try them on and see how they look.
The poppies in the front garden are going bonkers. Hooray! the chives are doing their chivey little thing, and YD has promised me a cucumber plant! how exciting. Just need to wait till the end of this month before we can be sure there’ll be  no more frosts, and I can plant up the tubs with the tender plants – I have five tender trailing fuschias, a red begonia and some trailing leafy things. Not sure what they’re called.

heuchera “obsidian” & 2 festucas

home grown poppies!

more home grown poppies

I had intended to weedkiller the front drive today but what with the hip/back thing, and the threat of rain, will have to press “pause” on that for now. I think there’s a tree seedling under the hedge, though, may have a look later, after lunch. If you don’t yank them up when they’re still seedlings, in no time at all they’re trees and impossible to deal with.

Must really make the effort and eat some lunch I guess, always feel a bit better after food.

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