Thursday 12th May 2011

Right. Feeling a bit better today. Pain receding, although hip still not good.
Saw the Hand Guy yesterday – I’m to go for nerve conduction tests, although he’s pretty sure it’s carpal tunnel syndrome. He doesn’t want to actually operate though until he’s sure. Fair enough, I say. It’s an operation done under local anaesthetic, thank heavens, and should fix it. If that’s what it is.
Saw my friend Sylvia today and had sharp words with her recalcitrant computer. It was running like a snail, despite a pretty smart spec (I built it, so I’m boasting a bit here). So I did a disk clean up, a disk check, and left her to defragment it and hopefully that should help. Also removed several spurious toolbars from her internet browser, and that certainly sorted out that problem (it was loading very slowly).
Then after my pm sleep, phoned the mortgage building society people to sort out re-registering for internet banking. What a performance that turned out to be. They apparently have my date of birth registered wrongly, so after getting out all the papers (12 years of them) for the mortgage and covering my desk with them, I have to go the branch anyway to sort it all out. But it did make me go through the papers and sort them out properly. I thought I’d sorted them out, but they were in a bit of a muddle. Can’t have been a good day – must check them again another day though in case I’ve muddled them up again.
Then I thought – I know, I’ll take my passport to the building society to prove I’m me. And it went out of date on 27th April. Gaaaagh! So I need to renew that too, at great cost (£77.50) with another photograph. Oh dear. All this “no smiling, no anything” makes me look like a serial killer.
On the upside, I have dead-headed the poppies. All three of them. Hmm. But there are more flowers growing on the same plants.
The Boden tops arrived and are going straight back. Material is much too thin – very pretty on somebody young and stick-like, but not so good on somebody a bit more curvaceous, shall we say.
So, after we’ve put away the shopping tomorrow, it’s off to the post office, tarted up a bit so I don’t frighten the horses/children, and post off the M&S and Boden tops. Also hopefully get the passport photo done (hence the tarting up – which is really only blusher and mascara, and possibly a bit of lipstick).

What a busy life. For some anyway.

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