I seem to have a lost a blog. Never mind, it wasn’t that interesting.
Saw the Hand Guy on Wednesday. He thinks I have Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but before he actually operates he wants me to have nerve conduction tests. Good thing too.
Yesterday – what did I do? can’t remember now. Oh dear. Cognitive function not all it could be.
Today – shopping delivered, then to Post Office to return tops to Marks and Spencers, and the Boden tops (which were in material much too fine for a substantial person like me, much more suitable for a teenage twiglet) as well. Also got my photo done for my new passport – was horrified to discover it had expired. I was equally horrified at the photo. God, do I really look like that? baggy eyes, old and gaunt? That’s not what I see when I look in the mirror. Well, it is now, of course.
Then trekked to the building society to sort out online banking. What a performance. Walking up there seemed such a good idea, but wasn’t. I had to walk back again, of course, and that just about did me in. So slept lots this afternoon.
Tomorrow – FA cup final! hooray! Manchester City v Stoke. 3 pm kick off. Excellent. Good excuse for a lie in, then leisurely lunch, shower and dress, and then after the match my friend Deb is popping in on her travels (Tewkesbury, Shirley, Redditch, all over the Midlands basically) so that’ll be lovely.
Just finished Jessica Mitford’s “The Gentle Art of Muckraking” – brilliant. Loved that woman. Excellent. Now on to Frederick Forsyth’s “Cobra”. Thrilling, unputdownable.
Hubby worked very hard on the lawn today – seeding, top soil, feeding, lots of digging and stuff. He loves his lawn. I spoke to Rejane today, and we both think that it’s a “man” thing. Her husband is the same (although where they live it’s so dry he hasn’t had to mow the lawn for weeks, because it’s just not growing). I don’t really care about the lawn and would be very happy with it all ripped up and nice pretty slabs down – so much less work – just some flower beds and a few pots. I suppose the green is nice, but god, the work that goes into it. Mowing, digging, aerating, sand, topsoil, lawn weed-and-feed, god I couldn’t be bothered.
Rejane says things are slowly returning to something resembling normal. Some days are better than others, and some nights she sleeps, others she doesn’t. About half and half. She’s so resilient. Life is at least something like normal – she and Yves were off out to some friends for the evening. That’s good.
But there you go. Each to his or her own. Me, I like the flowers and shrubs. Am considering perennial cornflowers and maybe a rhododendron – I fancy a white one. Will ruminate on this during the summer, and see how things are by the autumn.


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