Well hello there.
Yesterday I did manage to get the daffs out of the bed I’m going to replant, but that was about it. The shopping arrived and was put away, all in order.
This is the local garden centre I go to, despite living a five minute walk from an extremely large one. I won’t name the large one, but the plants cost three times what they should and I have had endless trouble with them. It’s so enormous I can’t walk round it without a rest. It also sells all sorts of other crap – house ornaments, stationery, anything it can. 
The one I go to, link below, sells garden stuff. It’s reasonably priced, good quality, and there is always, always somebody to ask for advice who knows what they’re talking about, and always somebody to help lift heavy stuff. Can’t beat it.
      Woolmans Garden Centre, Shirley
So there you go.
Today, went round to YD’s sister-in-law-to-be. Lovely, lovely family. Little girl, 3, little boy, 1. Bless! Little boy is about to be christened, and a new dress has been bought. We decided that the flared net petticoat needed to be taken in, rather than the dress taken up, so I did that and it’s going to be collected tomorrow. Not difficult really, and easier than I thought.
My appointment came today for my nerve conduction test, which should show if I have carpal tunnel syndrome or not. It’s at 9 am at the City Hospital (used to be Dudley Road), which is a bit of a bind, because it’s a long way, and means hubby driving in the rush hour. Hmph. That all means me getting up at stupid o’clock and that’s never good. Ah well.

I ought to stop now really, and anyway I’ve run out of things to say. Ooh, except that I’m reading Lionel Shriver’s “So Much For That” and absolutely loving it. And I saw a Kindle today, and have decided not to be sneery about it, it looks really good! so it’s on my wish list. I wish!

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