Wednesday 25th May 2011

Got up at stupid o’clock (6.30 am for f’s sake) and hubby drove heroically through the rush hour to the City Hospital. Arrived after an hour’s driving, and it took us another 20 minutes to find the neurophysiology suite. We asked five different members of staff, none of whom really knew, but fortunately the sixth person did know and we finally arrived, more than a little fraught. We suggested that more signage might be needed . . .
Had the nerve conduction test. Not very pleasant. About on a par with the mammogram yesterday, but at least I didn’t faint. I am such a wooss.
Home, four hours sleep, still absolutely knackered.
Cat has new collar and tag – heaven only knows how she lost the last lot. The tag did turn up on a neighbour’s lawn, but the collar must have just disintegrated. She is very docile and tolerant though and didn’t seem to mind the new one being put on at all. She just let us. Bless.
Monday night hubby’s ES came to stay with his youngest child, who is an absolute delight. He’s two and a half, and very sweet. He chatters away quite happily, and had a wonderful time kicking/throwing a ball round the garden with me yesterday. It’s great to see them.
Tomorrow am cancelling my plan to go to the Birmingham Rag Market and am going to *rest*.

And that’s about it.

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