Wednesday 1st June 2011

Goodness me, June already.
Well, last week I had a throat virus of some sort. It’s not sore now, but I’m coughing. So my antibodies have clearly kicked in – I’ve been watching Inside The Human Body! I’m very tired but hoping that will pass soon. I even had to cancel a date to go to the Birmingham Hippodrome Theatre on Monday night, and I had been looking forward to that.
The trouble is that any appointment of any sort that is booked well in advance is always a risk. I can never be sure I’ll be able to go. But the friend I was going with was very nice about it.
The garden is looking absolutely lovely. My favourite poppies bloomed today – Victoria Louise. They’re very very pale pink with dark purple markings inside, and three of them blossomed together today! lovely.
We went to the tip today, having filled the car with bits of old fence, now that hubby has finished working on the sections of fence that were desperately in need of replacing. Tiring but a good job, well done.
Tomorrow I’m going to fetch my prescription medication, post back a Boden parcel with a top that’s too small, to exchange it for the next size up, and make ED’s birthday cake. She wants a carrot cake (bless her heart!) so I’m making three layers in round tins, rather than the usual loaf shape. Her birthday isn’t till mid-July but carrot cake freezes particularly well, and stays moist, and it gives me the time to do it again if this one doesn’t work. Having said that, I can’t remember the last time a cake I baked didn’t work, but it does ease the pressure if the cake’s in the freezer and only needs defrosting and icing/filling. I have bought an extra large mixing bowl, because it’s an extra large mixture.
Have ordered a Kindle! most exciting. When I first saw one on line I thought “this is just technology for the sake of it” but having seen one in real life, and looking at the hundreds of books we have filling almost every room in the house, it seems like a really good idea. I read at least two books a week, so it will be excellent and not take up any more space. It will be good when public libraries get in on the act too and allow temporary downloads of ebooks. The first one I’ve downloaded (free) is War and Peace – that would have been a hefty tome. Haven’t actually received the Kindle yet but am all ready and waiting.

Just started using non-alchol toner – how different, how gentle it feels. On Tuesday I had the rest of my Christmas present from hubby, which was an appointment at Indigo, a spa in Solihull. I had an exfoliating treatment, and asked for advice on skin care generally. Now I’m “body-brushing” every day and will be exfoliating face & body once a week.

Well, that’s about it from Loony Feminist Towers.

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