Well, I thought I’d have a little rant about my views on gardening.
I’m a great believer in growing plants where they are suited – sedums in dry soil, hydrangeas and fuchsias in the shade, and so on. Also, I prefer to plant things that snails and slugs won’t eat in the actual garden. Pots, in my garden, are for planting things that either won’t grow in the garden soil, or for protecting things against pests.
The front garden has sun (if it shines!) on it all day, so it has various poppies, grasses, and lavender. The back garden has sun some of the time and shade, so the hydrangeas and rudbeckias love it, but so do more poppies, grasses, and sedum spectabile.
I took some more photos this evening:
peach coloured poppies
bronze fern
allium christophii

I love these alliums – they remind me of fireworks. The first time I saw one I was absolutely astonished – and delighted.

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