Tuesday 7th June 2011

As promised, here are some photos of the (back) garden. Some peach coloured poppies blossomed today, will take and upload a photo asap. Not sure where they came from, but I love them.
boring back bed with new lobelias
berberis and hardy geraniums
under the willow – lilac, fern & hydrangeas
 Am hoping the variegated euonymus shrubs will fill out a bit . . .
phormium & rudbeckias
bed to be replanted
poppies – cat sat on them?
winged euonymus & sea hollies
cornus & michaelmas daisies
elephant ear thingamajig
sisyrinchium, heucheras & hardy geranium
viburnum & rudbeckias
sweet peas in pots, smoke bush & heuchera
dicentra & spiraea
hydrangeas, fuchias & sedum lifted from bed
dahlia, geraniums & grasses

have just moved the hardy geraniums to here, so they look a bit sad, but are perking up.

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